Activities to try at home – Crochet/knitted Earth

For those that enjoy crocheting or knitting, below are links to a couple of free patterns to help you get crafty and create your own Earth at home!

Give Him the World

A free crochet pattern so you can hold the Earth in the palm of your hand from Simply Collectible

Crochet Planet Earth Cuddle Buddy

Create your own crochet cuddly Earth with this free pattern from Repeat Crafter Me

Earth in space bobble hat

Create an Earth bobble floating in space with this crochet hat pattern from Nichola Schofield

The world in Wool

Knit the Earth with this free knitting pattern from Sara Hall’s Ravelry Store

Looking for some fun ways to learn more about the Earth?  Why not try out some of these activities you can do at home or in a classroom!

Link to Moldable Soap Earth activity.
Link to Layered Earth Pudding Cup activity
Link to Slinky Wave activity
Link to Lego Layers of the Earth activity
Link to Pop-up Earth Card activity
Link to Knitted Earth activity
Link to Smartphone Seismometer activity
Link to Earthquake Wave Race activity