Deep Earth Explorers

We are the Deep Earth Seismology research group at the University of Cambridge
Deep Earth Explorers June 2023
From left to right: James Atkins, George Pindar, Carl, Sanne Cottaar, Lisanne Jagt, and Stuart Russell

We explore what is happening in the Earth’s mantle and core by creating images of the Earth using earthquake waves. We visualise complicated structures scientists do not yet fully understand, to work out their role in the whole Earth system.

Led by Prof. Sanne Cottaar, our group consists of PhD students and research associates from different countries and backgrounds. Some of our research team studied geology, while others studied physics or geophysics at university.  We are based in the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Cambridge.

Deep Earth Explorers July 2022
From left to right: Carl, Stephen Pugh, George Pindar, Sanne Cottaar, Lisanne Jagt, Stuart Russell, and Florian Millet
Deep Earth Explorers, October 2019
From left to right: Sanne Cottaar, Carl, Jennifer Jenkins, Stephen Pugh, Jess Bartlet, Zhi Li, Stuart Russell, Alistair Boyce