Deep Earth Explorers Online Exhibition

To share the exciting research we are working on to find answers to the many open mysteries we still don’t understand about our planet, we built a new museum exhibit with the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences in Cambridge.

Here you can explore an online version of our exhibition from the comfort of your own home. Try out some of the interactive online exhibits below.

3D Earth Model

The Earth is more than just a set of simple layers.  There are many mysterious structures deep inside the Earth that we do not yet understand. 

Learn about the basic layers of the Earth and some of the exciting new details we are still trying to understand through our research with our interactive Earth Model.

Explaining Waves

Earthquakes can be very destructive events, but we can also use them as a tool to study the structure of the Earth because some earthquake waves travel through the entire planet.  Tracking where the waves travel fast or slow, or bounce off sudden changes in material, allows us to “see” inside the Earth.

Find out how we use different Earthquake waves to study different parts of the Earth, with these interactive videos.

Interactive Convection

Did you know that material inside the Earth is moving all the time?  The centre of the Earth is super hot; a staggering 5000ºC, but it is gradually losing heat to outer space.  This heat loss drives movement of solid rock in the mantle through a process called convection.  

Generate your own convection within the Earth by adding hot or cold blobs in the interactive convection game developed by Ian Rose.

Life as a Deep Earth Explorer

What does an Earth Scientists do day to day? And how do we try and discover more about our planet?

Investigate what life is like as a deep Earth Explorer with this comic strip illustrated by Dr Gautier Nicoli.

Looking into the Deep Earth

Why do we want to know about what is going on deep beneath our feet? And how do we do about studying it?

Find out the details about why we are interested in the Earth and how we use earthquakes to image it here

Behind the scenes of building the exhibit

Interested in how we set up the exhibition? Find out more here about its development and links to open source software.

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