Online games, videos, and articles

We’ve collected a selection of online games and interesting articles for you to explore and learn more about the Earth, have a look at the links below.

Online Games:

Journey to the centre of the Earth

Play this interactive game online on the BBC website. Delve as deep as you can into the Earth’s core.

Interactive Earth mantle convection

Ian’s Rose “interactive earth” hands-on website shows different types of convection generating hot upwellings and cold downwellings inside the Earth’s mantle. Users can also create an earthquake and watch the earthquake waves ripple throughout the earth before reaching a seismometer. 

Travel through Deep Time in the Earth

Travel through time and explore how the Earth has changed since it first forms 4 billion years ago with this interactive Smithsonian article.

Generate your own Earthquake

Generate your own earthquake online, and explore the different types of earthquake waves and where they are picked up by seismometers, with this online activity from the International Research Institute for Seismology.

Articles, blogs and videos:

Journey to the Centre of Earth – Parsquake Project

What’s inside the Earth, and how do we know that? Check out this video from the ParsQuake project to learn about the structure and composition of the interior of our planet, and the methods scientists use to learn about it.

Details of the mantle – National Geographic

A National Geographic magazine article discussing the Earth’s mantle. One of the things that’s particularly good about this article is the vocabulary explainer alongside it.

Oceans hiding inside the Earth – BBC

Did you know there might be vast oceans worth of water deep down inside the Earth? Learn more with this BBC article and short documentary.

Hidden Continents in the Deep Earth – Quanta magazine

A Quanta magazine article that highlights the “giant blobs” nestled deep in the Earth that scientists are still trying to understand. These blobs may influence everything from the structure of island chains to mass-extinction events.

How the deep Earth effects our climate – NASA

Learn about how movement of material deep within the Earth might be effecting our climate, with this NASA article describing the ongoing work of their scientists

An Amazing look into the centre of the Earth – TEDx

This TEDx talk is clear and concise, giving an overview of our current understanding of the Deep Earth with leading seismologist Ed Garnero.