Meet the Team

We are the Deep Earth Seismology research group, based in the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Cambridge.

For anyone (interested in) joining the team, please check out our Code of Conduct and guide of expectations.

Dr Florian Millet
Post-doctoral Researcher
How did you become a Deep Earth Explorer?
I love natural sciences, traveling and music. Seeing how varied Earth’s landscapes can be made me want to pick up geology when I had to chose a main subject in university. I find the fact that past and current deep processes affect the world we see today fascinating. And when you think about it, aren’t earthquakes the sound of the Earth?
Florian’s text:
What are you working on right now?
With a particular focus on the region surrounding Greece and Turkey, I am trying to understand how subduction zones are linked to the deep mantle, around the transition zone (400 to 700km into the Earth) and even deeper!
What’s the favourite thing about what you do?
I was lucky enough to travel to three different continents to work on my research so far. I hope to be able to visit the remaining few and meet many more people and cultures in the future.
Best fact about our planet?
The Earth rotates at an almost constant rate, which makes the concept of “time zones” seem like the easiest thing to implement. How is it we seem to have made them so incredibly complicated then?